Oshi No Ko Chapter 119: Spoiler, Release Date And Time, Count Down, What To Expect

In the thrilling events of chapter 118 of Oshi no Ko, Crow Girl pays a visit to Aqua, delivering a shocking revelation that leaves him seething with anger. She discloses that Ai’s reincarnation is not possible and that her story has come to an end. Despite this disheartening news, Aqua remains unwavering in his determination to seek vengeance for Ai’s sake.

In the midst of these emotional upheavals, the long-awaited production for ’15-Year Lie’ finally commences, with the cast now fully assembled. The stage is set for a captivating journey as the filming process begins to unfold. Fans are buzzing with anticipation, eager to witness the magic that will be brought to life on the screen.

But that’s not all—chapter 118 leaves us with a tantalizing cliffhanger. Kaburagi, the protagonist, encounters a woman from an advertising agency, none other than Tendouji, Sarina’s mother. This unexpected encounter promises to add an exciting new layer of intrigue to the story, leaving readers craving more.

With these thrilling updates, the world of Oshi no Ko continues to captivate our imaginations. The twists and turns of the narrative keep us on the edge of our seats, eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Stay tuned for the latest updates as we delve deeper into the intricate web of relationships and secrets that define this compelling series

Chapter 119 Speculation

In the highly anticipated next chapter of ’15-Year Lie,’ the stage is set for the beginning of filming, bringing us closer to witnessing Aqua’s quest for revenge on behalf of his mother, Ai Hoshino. However, tensions are running high, as Ruby’s deep-seated animosity towards Aqua might lead to her avoiding him on set. Given their history, it’s understandable why Ruby would distance herself from Aqua, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the unfolding story.

  Oshi No Ko Chapter 118: Spoiler, Release Date And Time, Count Down, What To Expect

Chapter 118 didn’t offer many significant developments, leaving fans craving more and leaving little room for concrete predictions. However, a fascinating encounter took place at the chapter’s start, where Aqua unexpectedly met a mysterious girl who possessed knowledge about his and Ruby’s reincarnations.

What’s even more astonishing is Aqua’s calm and familiar demeanor while conversing with her, as if they shared a deeper connection. Countless questions arise from this encounter, and only Akasaka Sensei, the mastermind behind the series, holds the answers!

As we eagerly await the next chapter, the anticipation continues to build, and the speculations run wild. What surprises lie in store for Aqua, Ruby, and the rest of the cast? Only time will tell as we trust in the storytelling prowess of Akasaka Sensei. Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of ’15-Year Lie’

Chapter 119 Release Date

Attention, fellow manga enthusiasts! The highly anticipated Chapter 119 of Oshi no Ko has finally graced our screens on this eventful Wednesday, May 24, 2023. Brace yourselves for another captivating installment of this enthralling series!

  Oshi No Ko Chapter 118: Spoiler, Release Date And Time, Count Down, What To Expect

Is Oshi no Ko on break this week?

Attention, fellow manga enthusiasts! I come bearing great news for all fans eagerly awaiting the next installment of Oshi no Ko. Brace yourselves, for Chapter 119 will not leave us hanging! Contrary to any rumors or fears, our beloved series is not taking a break this week.

Get ready to immerse yourselves in the captivating world of idols and the rollercoaster of emotions they navigate.

Where to Read Oshi no Ko

If you’re itching to dive into the captivating world of Oshi no Ko, look no further than the MangaPlus website and the MangaPlus App for iOS and Android. These authorized platforms provide the perfect avenue to satisfy your manga cravings and immerse yourself in the latest chapters of your favorite series.

Chapter 118 Recap

In the latest installment of Oshi no Ko, the tension between Aqua and Crow Girl reaches a boiling point. Crow Girl confronts Aqua, suggesting that his mother, Ai, may be watching over him. However, Aqua’s frustration intensifies as he demands that Crow Girl leave him be.

Crow Girl shares her perspective, revealing that she has been unable to locate Ai’s presence, leading her to believe that Ai’s life had truly come to an end. She explains that Ai’s spirit has returned to the sea and the sky, forever deprived of the chance to smile again.

Aqua grows increasingly concerned, wondering if Ruby had received a similar message from Crow Girl, potentially impacting her actions. Crow Girl assures him that Ruby has already started playing her part in the grand scheme of things.

  Oshi No Ko Chapter 118: Spoiler, Release Date And Time, Count Down, What To Expect

In the midst of these emotional exchanges, the film “15-Year Lie” progresses smoothly as all the necessary elements, from the script to the sponsors and the cast, fall into place. Kana Arima, deeply moved by the screenplay, witnesses Ruby diligently rehearsing her lines.

Recognizing Ruby’s exhausting schedule, Kana expresses her worries for Ruby’s well-being, urging her to take some much-needed rest during their travels. Meanwhile, Tendouji, Sarina’s mother from the Advertising Agency, approaches Producer Kaburagi, hinting at potential developments on the horizon.

With each chapter of Oshi no Ko, the intrigue deepens, and the characters’ paths become entwined in an enthralling narrative. Stay tuned for more captivating updates and immerse yourself in the world of idols, dreams, and the pursuit of justice.

Keep following the manga on its gripping journey, and let your passion for Oshi no Ko soar to new heights!

Associated Names Oshi No Ko Chapter 119

  • [Oshi No Ko] 119
  • Criança que deve ser suportada 119
  • Filho de sua favorita 119
  • Hijos predilectos 119
  • L’Enfant d’une Star 119
  • Ma Star 119
  • Mein*Star 119
  • Moja gwiazda (Polish) 119My Star 118
  • Oshi no Ko – Anak Idola 119
  • Το Αστέρι μου 119
  • Звёздное Дитя 119
  • Ребёнок идола 119
    الفتاة التي ادعمها 119
    اوشی نو کو 119
    فرزند آیدول مورد علاقهام 119
    نجمتي 119
  • เกิดใหม่เป็นลูกโอชิ 119
  • 【我推的孩子】 119
  • 【推しの子】 119
  • 【최애의 아이】 119
  • 推しの子 119

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